Well Mama, Here We Are

I see you there, worrying if you’ve got all your bases covered.

Was that an organic apple you gave the toddler? Is your second grader a trouble-maker or just bored in school? And the four year-old, is he turning into a bully? You are doing your absolute best, but sometimes doubting if it’s quite enough. Or it’s not as much us that other mom. And here you are, planning to homeschool on top of it?!?! You have about a thousand balls in the air, between the kids, partner, family, and god forbid you are actually also doing something to earn some money. Or even multiple somethings.

So yeah, some things are a little… hurried.

Some things are only mostly done (I’m looking at you laundry pile) and others are on a long to do list of things you’d really like to care about but haven’t figured out how.

You’re killing it. Sort of.

Let’s make homeschooling your littlest a breeze. Take some guess work out of something, because really who has time to piece together developmentally appropriate, interesting, challenging activities on top of everything else? Where do we even begin???

It’s cool. I’m way ahead of you. We’ve got this. Or close enough.

Literally, it’s fine.

Megan is mom to three boys; Venti, Grande and Tall and married to Mr. Sort Of. She spends her afternoons wondering how soon she should start feeling guilty about her children’s eventual need for extensive therapy.